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Security is our number one priority. All on-line transactions are sent through our secure server
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Ponemé invites you to share your experience and story with us as you use our product.  This is
the only medium that you are encouraged to share your experience, story, ideas or suggestions.
Regardless of this policy or of our encouragement to share your individual information of using
our product, any stories, ideas, suggestions, inquiries, or non-account information and/or
feedback (hereafter, “Correspondence”) will be officially treated as non-confidential and non-
proprietary.  By posting Correspondence, you grant us a royalty-free, and transferable right to
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Risk Reduction:        
We reserve the right to reveal information (including but not limited to personal, User-Specific
information) at our exclusive discretion to obey any appropriate law and legal regulation.  We
henceforth may also trade information (including but not limited to personal, User-Specific
information) with other organizations and companies for general risk reduction and credit fraud

Privacy Policy modification:        
We reserve our exclusive right to modify these particular Privacy Policy at our sole discretion.  
This modification may take place in and through the act of posting the modifications to the
Website; these modifications are effective and binding immediately upon the Website posting.  
Any continued use by yourself of the Website is tantamount to and legally binding as your
agreement to the modified Privacy Policy.  

Safety & Privacy of Children:        
The safety and privacy of children is carefully maintained by Ponemé.  Children under the age
of 13 may use our site, but must not provide user-specific, personal information.  Since this site
was not made for children under the age of 13, we do not collect user-specific information from

We always welcome your feedback.  While we cannot guarantee a personal response, all mail is
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